Andy Warhol was born in Washinton, DC in 1954. Andy had always been interested in art, but it was not till he visited Italy that he actually knew the true depth and beauty of this art form. What he thought was only a curling lineup of dry soil and stones that would eventually take shape into a waterfall, he soon learned was really a sculptural landscape. It would be merely a sculpture, no doubt, but one which simply could not resist the evaluation of a gallery or an audience. And could almost certainly only as soon fall apart as soon as it had been finished.

It was this understanding that led him to his most famous piece, the black and white photograph named SPIRAL LANTERN which you see on many sites online now for a part of the Art by Andy Warhol series. SPIRAL LANTERN was made while Andy was in his early twenties and although it wasn’t exactly a modern piece of art, he was certainly ahead of the time. This spectacular photograph is comprised of a series of black and white photos which Andy took during a trip to Italy. The photos were taken at a rural region where you can find deep ravines and rugged terrain.

As well as this thoughtful landscape, there have been other elements that helped contribute to SPIRAL LANTERN’s exceptional and highly stylized look. Some of them included: the large amount of dry leaves located around the base of a few of the stones, the dryness of the air above the rocks, and the glowing colors of the Italian skies and surrounding countryside. After the piece was finished, it was the combination of all these factors which contributed to SPIRAL LANTERN’s special look. SPIRAL LANTERN consisted of a series of twenty-two large spiral jets that conducted for approximately forty-eight feet throughout the middle of this piece. All these spiral jets of color literally darted throughout the painting from left to right.

The central figure of SPIRAL LANTERN was created using forty-seven photographs taken by Andy Warhol at a variety of locations around the USA and Europe. Though this specific painting contains many distinct components, the most important elements of SPIRAL LANTERN were found on the North East side of this piece, between the middle of this picture and the spiral jetty. The positioning of SPIRAL LANTERN had the extra benefit of being at a height at which it was simpler for Andy to attain the depth and drama of the form of painting by having to avoid making direct contact with the ceiling and floor of each of their individual works. Two other paintings that were based on the same set of photos were included in this set of works entitled SPIRAL LANTERN. All these paintings were LA Lago and The Little Lamb.

Since Andy Warhol went about making his series of pictures, he paid particular attention to the particulars of his setting. The selection of furniture and accessories within his paintings helped to make a feeling that was loaded with texture and colors. When these factors were combined along with the vivid basalt colours which were utilized to create the principal subjects of every work of art, these pieces began to give off an air of mystique and credibility to what was really a true event that had occurred within the studio. LA Lago along with The Small Lamb included lots of references to real places within Los Angeles, including the City Hall, Skid Row and the Air and Sea Museum that were all situated a brief distance from Warhol’s studio.

In light of all this, among the most popular areas in which a great artist such as Andy Warhol went on creating his artwork was in the realm of food and beverage. The achievement of SPIRAL LANTERN is partly attributed to the fact that it includes a restaurant within the series which serves dishes and beverages in both a literal and figurative sense. This restaurant has been so powerful that it contributed to the introduction of a series of themed restaurants which are now operated by various other artists in the region. These restaurants are becoming some of the very well known and popular attractions in downtown Utah as they all represent a unique manner of food and drink that has emerged throughout town. SPIRAL LANTERN along with the great Salt Lake region are both places in which an artist can find inspiration if working with a string of unique works that have become among the most recognizable in the entire world.

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