The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGOC) is Situated at 232 Richmond Street in downtown Toronto, Canada. The Art Gallery contains a permanent collection of over two million works of art ranging from various disciplines and artwork types. The majority of the collection is from the permanent collection of modern and contemporary art. In addition there’s an off-site collection which may be considered through a glass door.

Located on Yonge Street between Bloor and Sheppard, a building was built around the turn of the century as a public house to show works by various artists. One of the first companies to start was a clothing store, though it shut after three decades because of the achievement of exactly the same concept from the personal sector. It was re-opened in 1917 with the identical notion in mind, this time with a focus on selling decorative accessories. The store quickly became popular and today it’s conducted by Don Lawrence.

Don’s Fine Crafts consists of a craft boutique, a gift shop, a flea market and a pub. The store sells imported and local art. The menu includes such delights as salt and pepper shakers, salt and pepper pickles, cheese and fruit platters, fresh salads and other delicious fare. This eclectic collection of foodstuffs is then displayed in many distinct inside galleries that have been designed around certain topics. A number of these are devoted to meals, while some are built around flower arrangements, nature scenes and stained glass panels.

Another gallery in Toronto that showcases Vibrant Native American art is Your Willow Tree Gallery in Regent Tower. Built around a rustic timber-framed gazebo, the Willow Tree contains art by the late Chief Achebe. It includes life size paintings of animals, birds and other indigenous American themes. The gallery was created around a classic mission style building and features murals by local artist Donato Sacristan. This gallery is another among many in the tower that showcases the rich history of this city of Toronto.

To the south east of downtown Toronto and within easy walking distance of Yonge and Sheppard is the Theatre Passe Muraille, which has been operating since 1969. Although housed in a converted public house, it is an entirely different sense from other artwork galleries. The original building is now home to the Theatre Passe, which comprises ballet and other performing arts. Founded by Josefa Encarnia along with her husband Josefica Cardoso, both of whom were former dancers for its Lyrical Theatre Company of Spain, the Theatre Passe was designed by Josefa Encarnia. For their revolutionary design they used a method of wooden planes and balconies which made the theatre appear like an authentic Roman theater.

If you’re looking for something distinctive in the cultural and ethnic arts landscape of Toronto, then you should definitely check out the Beyblade: Toronto premiere performance of the world famous Mexican children’s show, Oaxaca. Organists: Josefa Encarnia along with her husband Josefica Cardoso. Both are specialists in the region of flautida, along with also the Beyblade series was created from both of these talents. Watching the Beyblade series having an Oaxaca flautista is like being right there in the middle of a festival.

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